Your Partner on a Safe Worksite

Professional Service

Our small team of professional utility locate technicians have over a decade of experience isolating the most difficult facilities in heavily congested areas while working in all weather and environmental conditions. Our extensive training and experience allows us to use the most advanced utility locating techniques to safely and accurately locate all utilities on your next project.

Accurate Locates

We specialize in locating private and public facilities such as gas, electric, phone, cable TV, fiber optics, storm, sewer, sanitary, street light, traffic wires, parking lot light wires, water lines, underground pet fence and irrigation. By having all utilities verified, including private facilities, you can avoid Injuries and costly repairs to damaged facilities.

Safety is Key

If you’re planning a job at your home, business or property state law requires you to call Iowa One Call (811) in Iowa and J.U.L.I.E. (811) in Illinois 48 hours prior to excavation. Utility companies respond and locate the facilities owned by them. These locates typically stop at the meter or some service lines such as sewer laterals may not be marked at all. You never want to assume all utilities have been marked prior to excavation. For the safety of your employees, family, and public, please call us in addition to the One Call System to verify all utilities, including private lines,have been marked.

Contact us before digging to schedule an appointment for a on site estimate.

Hudson Locating Services LLC works as a companion service to your state One Call, click below from more information.